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The Nokia 6700 Slide Silver offers a great combo of appealing design in conjunction with impressive functionality. Apple's yearly iPhone keynote event kicked off today inside the Steve Jobs Theater. There is no shortage of sweeping views of the company's completely new building set to "All You Need is Love" from the Beatles. This season marks the 10-year anniversary of the pocket computer that has changed almost every aspect of our lives, and, as expected, Apple celebrated with several services. To obtain the most out of your iPhone, INSIDER rounded up 15 of the greatest tips and hidden features that'll make your life better in 2017. But before you check them out, make sure you're running iOS 10.3 or down the road your iPhone.

The rear-facing camera and TrueTone flash are bigger, and the eagle-eyed among you will spot that the antenna lines have died from the trunk of the iPhone. Well, not gone, but repositioned to the very best and bottom of the smartphone to make sure they are less noticeable and offer a cleaner look. Spotlight conversions: Remember when we told you how easy conversions are inside our post on Google search tricks ? It's even easier for iPhone users - just open Spotlight and type something similar to 20 euros in GBP," and it'll instantly perform the conversion.

Then, Jobs touched the screen. Suddenly, the featureless rectangle became an interactive surface. Jobs put a fingertip on an on-screen arrow and slid it from left to right. When his finger moved, the arrow moved with it, unlocking the telephone. To some people, this interaction between a human finger and an on-screen image - and its effect on the iPhone's behavior - was more amazing than most of its other features combined.

Apple has made this work on a system level, so the keyboard will remain in the one-handed mode, across different apps, until you change it out back. Rather than opening Google Maps or Apple's Maps software and manually typing within an address someone supplies you with, utilize this trick to save time. Tap and hold the address in your iMessage to visit a menu of options. Or, press firmly to see the address on Apple's Maps app para rastrear moviles, and swipe up on the screen for menu options.

Iphone 7 is the latest variant which includes brought wonders to the Smartphone market. With its unique features and mesmerizing features, it stands out from the crowd and has some other league of its own. Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. These high-end variant phones are designed not only for the elite class but now, for the center class as well. Various websites over the internet provide attractive deals and provide to make users buy genuine Apple products at easy EMIs and attractive discount bonuses. So, owning an iPhone is not a huge deal nowadays.

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